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I simply cannot make simple wine!

Sounds mad, doesn't it?

Maybe yes. But still it reveals a lot about me and my approach to being a wine grower. I am a crafter and artist, I love to delve into my work and I won't stop until I am 100% satisfied. Soil, vine stocks, the grapes and - of course - with the wines. Which are by the way individualists from Wolfpassing - just like me. Wolfpassing Individualists.

There is more!

I also appreciate the other side of our farm, my work "alongside the wine", the labour on the field. This grounds me and is an essential part of my heritage. Bedded in crop straw, the pumpkinseed oil is a dream. The rolling hills of our landscape are the perfect balance for the work in my wine cellar.

Rudi says: "Bees are important."

Because I know, that the nature is the foundation of my work and my life, I refuse to have insecticides or herbicides in my vineyards. Bees well - wine well! The more I think about it, the more I would like to grow biodynamic wine. When the time arises, I will definitively switch.

And finally: I love my work in the wine cellar...

My wines always get all the time they need. They are allowed to age naturally. Maybe the best side of growing old. ;) Another aspect: growing older brings serenity. For the good of my wines!