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My pumpkinseed oil from Wolfpassing

Did you know that the region Weinviertel has a long tradition of growing pumpkins? We do! And this resulted in my absolute favourite product beside my wines: our cold-pressed pumpkinseed oil! Intense dark-green colour, delicate nutty aroma and a taste of warm, fresh roasted pumpinseeds. You'd want to take a bath in it! A must-have for all gourmets!

Of course we offer also "Roasted Pumpkinseeds à la Rudi" and pumpkin-chocolate-specialties.

My "Veltlinerbrand"

You will get to know him as a teenager. ;) This distillate made of high quality Grüner Veltliner grapes ages 15 years in oak, before it is bottled and sold. There is nothing to add - smooth smoky flavours, luscious and complex, full-bodied and soft with a hint of sweetness. A true insiders' tip!